Winterstage Malaga 2015 (English)

31/01/2015 19:20


After 2 weeks of  trainingcamp with John van de Berk in Spain, Dietger had his last training today in El Viso, Malaga. Today was mostly a training on practicing technique and cornering. Tomorrow DD has a restday and monday evening they return home to Belgium.

Dietger found it a very instructive trainingcamp, where he trained a lot on technique, which he later apply in speed. In the first week of the trainingcamp, they had some good luck that it was raining in Spain. This made all the tracks in a perfect condition. The mood of the group was also very good. Hereby Dietger could step with a good feeling on the bike. Because of the other fast riders who were also in Spain could they learn also a lot of eachother.

Besides training with the moto 6 days a week, Dietger is also cycling and swimming as other workouts. Some days they took their all to a Supercross Circuit, which was also a new experience for DD. "It's fun to participate in new things, because in Belgium we unfortunately have the opportunity to participate in Supercross races." tells Dietger.

Dietger will stay in Belgium next week and on saturday he goes back to Spain for 2 new weeks in the trainingcamp. He can't wait to go back and also want to thank all the people who make this possible, it is of course a chance that you can not expect every day.